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MIRAI CALIBRATION LABRORATORY PTE LTD. Mirai is an ISO/IEC 17025 Mechanical Testing and ISO9001 quality Management system that has been assessed and approved by SAC (Singapore Accreditation Council).


This certificate ensures that all our projects goes smoothly and systematically. All works are being adhered  to the utmost  safety and at the same time quality is also being maintained at all times. Our qualified technical manager and auditor ensures that all are tested to all specific procedures. Our master calibrator always calibrate according to National or International Standard.


The aim of the quality system ISO9001 is to ensure continuous improvements to our system and at the same time to keep up to date. Hence,we giving our clients the utmost confidence. Mirai has also qualified in ISO/IEC 17025 calibration and measurement standard. Our most usual testing are Pop Pressure Test, Seat Tightness Test and  Final Set Pressure. Our service are according to API 576, API 527 standard procedure. We invite our customers and auditors to review our quality manual including the HSE and BizSafe Level 4 and management plans. We are also proud that our company is able to work safely and at the same time able to protect the environment.

API Standard | Singlas

We do all the testing up to 4- inch size and our certificate is attained from SAC.  Addition for the rest of small boiler, Mirai is able to issue Singlas Certificate.  For the big ones, we will leave to our warehouse to handle especially during Jurong Island  year-end shutdown project.  For normal testing, we are able to test up to 1600 bar of pressure. This has been certified by SAC. We also have facilities that can test all types of small valve by using air, liquid or water.  All will be verified by our trained engineer and then returned lock wired with Tag and accompanied with  a Testing Certificate as we concerning about quality.


We are also able to do repairing and servicing if required by client. Onsite testing is also available if necessary. Our planner will arrange the right onsite date with clients if urgent testing are required. In the year 2018, this has helped Mirai’s growth tremendously. All the usual normal testing such as Shell Test, High Pressure Closure Test, Low Pressure Closure Test and Back Seat Test are being tested according to API 598, API 6D and ASME standard method.



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