Valve Repair

valves repair in singapore by Mirai Valve services

Valves Repair and modification in Singapore Tuas

Valves repair and modification of valves services in Singapore located in Tuas area. Our valve repair facility located in our laboratory are fully encourage for on board and urgent express services. In case any express service at customer plant for valve repair and install to be complete within 3 days. Our resource of manpower are able to standby for 24 hours. This is to ready for all the urgent offsite job also mobile testing unit in your venue.

For valve services our facility are able to repair multiple type of valve including safety valve,pressure relief valve. As well as gate valve,gate valve check valve,control valve and more. Also in Singapore for valve repair they don’t provide all services in one shot,but we do. We even provide grinding service,re-manufactured valve,change spare part, valve troubleshoot and more. Some customer might need to know how much is the cost for their valves repair job. Our engineer will troubleshoot the faulty valve from the beginning to the end. When completed scan our engineer will issue a customer report for our customer review before start the valve repair job.

Valves Testing and Calibration Services by Mirai

After valve repair has been done,we also provide testing and calibration service if our customer are require. As a one calibration leading company we are trying to fulfill all our customer need and reduce their downtime cost. We also able to go to the customer to help our client dismantle valve to be repair. After dismantle we will arrange our own transportation delivery to our facility and start the valve repair. Sometime customer might have a transportation issue of deliver their valves to us. No need to worry,we are provide 2 way transport including collection and delivery.

We also provide other type of testing and calibration service traceable to ISO/IEC 17025 standard including pressure relief valve and more. As for other type of valve repair services or grinding service. Please feel free to email us at or contact us via telephone. Control valves Calibration Services