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Valve testing in Singapore

Valve Testing Services is a parts of Mirai Calibration Laboratory Pte Ltd in Singapore. In summary,since in year 2003, Mirai Calibration Laboratory has become Singapore’s primary Calibration specialist for all the industry.

Therefore,Mirai Valve Services set up to serve all the safety valve, relief valve, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve. As well also check valve, controlled actuator,manual valve,control valve, multi way strainer, soot blowers and more. Further,the rest of the equipment and instrument need for calibration. additionally,we are all covered at Mirai Calibration Laboratory which is our main field. Read More

Hence, our Valve Testing Services mainly are serve all the plant in the Singapore including offshore job. Regarding resource we have enough manpower to ensure all our customer job are in order and accurate delivery time. Similarly,we have ever experienced mobilization on board job complete within 3 working days for all over 300 valve . As a result become a one stop center we also provide valve repair if the valve are found not in good condition. Consequently,for valve company user they know all the valve are important to maintain in good condition.

Offshore or On Board Valve Testing in Singapore

Although for the most of valve services company does not provide fast and quality services. But we do, we provide high quality valve maintenance and repair to help our customer reduce their down time. Regardless of water plant, oil and gas and offshore company they prefer fast reliable supplier. We are here to help, our group of professional technical manager and engineer are certified in valve testing and repair.To justify our professional skill in valve testing and repair. We are ISO 9001 company and all our valve testing are according to API Standard for specific customer. Mirai valve services are here to support all the Singapore and offshore plant. We are not just a valve testing company but we are your full one stop services center in Singapore. Relief valve calibration

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