Theodolite Calibration

theodolite calibration with mirai calibration

Theodolite Calibration Services in Singapore Tuas with Mirai

Theodolite calibration service and survey instrument calibration in Singapore Tuas area. This services of theodolite calibration is provided to all company who are using surveying applications. Theodolite is a important equipment that use to measure angles degree both horizontal and vertical. The purpose of calibration of theodolite mainly is to make sure the internal spirit level to the horizon. And also we will calibrate the vertical and horizontal to verify survey of angles accuracy. Our calibration procedure including survey instrument measure the accurate angular measurements.

For theodolite user most probably they using in navigating,laying our building corners and line. Measuring and laying out angle and straight lines,aligning wood frame walls,forming panels and plumbing a column or corners. All this job are consider important works,this is the reason why theodolite calibration is require in Singapore. We also provide leveling instrument including survey instrument and total station calibration. Although theodolite compare to other leveling instrument have greater accuracy,internal magnifying optical system and electronic readings. But we ever found out of tolerance after calibration and help customer aware any trouble happen.

In a summary we will describe regarding our procedure of some surveying instruments and called digital level and leveling staff. Also total station is a part of survey instrument most of our customer are using this for their important work. For the result of calibration influence of lighting ,leveling and checking of horizontal circle of and deviation. All as found result will be indicate on our calibration certificate which is traceable to national standard. The theodolite calibration result will be indicate method of calibration, parameter tested and approximating value.

Further,other than theodolite calibration we also provide more calibration for pressure,dimensional,electrical and wind meter. Other than valve services please do email us at or contact us. Torque Wrench Calibration