Singlas Testing

Why Mirai Valves Services for your Testing and Services?


Singlas Accreditation issue by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) . Mirai Valve Services is Part of Mirai Calibration Laboratory Pte Ltd expended to provide valve services for all our existing client. Furthermore,as a company of SAC Singlas Accreditation calibration laboratory in Singapore. We are able to fulfill our customer needs also all their standard requirement.

Our calibration laboratory accredited in IEC/ISO 17025 in Calibration and Measurement in Singapore. Sometime, some of our big customer curious and drop us an enquiry. About differences of Singlas Laboratory and Non Singlas Laboratory. Let’s talk about Non Singlas calibration company,they can do any calibration with low price or even high price. But they have no proper procedure and witness by 3rd party auditor. The calibration certificate issue by Non Singlas company will not recognize by global company. During audit they might be can’t provide proper document convince their customer.



Calibration System by Mirai Valve Services

We are honest and respect our customer in every calibration job. In our laboratory we are serious look into this case. As we are Singlas Accredited company. Any case found on technician falsified data will be terminate right away after investigated. We are strictly follow regulation of respected Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to bring higher standard share for everyone. Read more

Mirai Valves services are using calibration system to monitor due date of the item that calibrated by us. Which mean that customer calibration item will be monitor by us. So that our customer can save more time to focus on their job. And we will inform the customer that the item going to overdue. However,we will send a notification email to customer in 2 weeks in advance.

This is the reason why all our existing company still with us. We have all proper document are ready to assist our customer during their customer audit. We wish to help our customer maintain their high quality standard. With this confidence so that we hope our customer would be able increase more business by using Mirai Valve service. Relief valve calibration