Control Valve Calibration

control valve calibration and testing in singapore by Mirai Valve Services

Control Valve Calibration Services in Singapore

Control Valve Calibration and testing services in Singapore Tuas area. Our laboratory are providing control valve calibration for multiple type including air operate valve,cylinder valve ,rotary valve. As well as angle seat piston valve,angle valve,globe valve and more. While,as a part of valve calibration company our service are covered in pressure,functional test for new and old control valves. Further,other than this we also provide shell test for leakage and internal diaphragm services. For piston “O” ring leakage test depending on our customer requirement. For some customer are request 8 test points function test span. Also travel response to ensure their valve are in good condition.

For valve shell and seat integrity test we also has been implement this service as most of our important customer requested. For all the control valve testing we also provide testing in different gases. Including compressed air, N2 Nitrogen and hydro-static depending on our customer requirement. Our facility are prepare all the accessories fittings and tubing for installation,which mean is setting and position.

Complete Control Valve Refurbishment of Control Valve and Actuator

We have complete refurbishment of control valve and actuator including replacement of parts. Including gland packing,valve seat and plug lapping to follow the leakage tolerance. Our calibration will be perform according to Singlas ISO/IEC 17025 standard after the setting and travel span complete. Other than replacement of fitting and tubing we also provide painting of valve body if customer requested.

Our valves services facility provide one stop solution for all the industry including offshore,shipyard,process plant and overseas job. Our service other than control valve calibration we also provide instrumentation calibration with Singlas accreditation. We are able to calibrate equipment including electrical,pressure ,dimensional measurement,wind meter and more. As a part of calibration leading company we are welcome for any opportunity regarding any valve testing and calibration. For other instrument calibration kindly email us at or contact us for more regarding your calibration. Valve repair services