Valve Services Testing and Solution in Singapore

Mirai Valve services in Singapore


Mirai Valve Services by Mirai offer wide range of on-site and in-situ valves services. Next,including Calibration,testing and inspection,valve repair ,reconditioning,modification and overhaul plant maintenance all industry. Also, this is part of from our main business Mirai Calibration Laboratory Pte Ltd since 2007. In addition,Mirai Valve Services provide high quality valve testing involving pressure testing,pop test,high low temperature test.This time, our testing and calibration are according to ISO/IEC 17025 and API standard.

Again,we provided all type valves which able to ensure the valves condition within tolerance.Next,Mirai technical department has bring over 50 certified lab technician,engineers for valves services. That is to say,with fully equipped strong background laboratory on 12 hours a day standby for shipyard. This to ensure we able provide the best support to our valuable customer no matter in Singapore or Overseas.

Therefore,mostly so far our Valve customer from process, water plant,refinery,chemical plant,shipyard and offshore overseas. Until now,we still ensure that our valve services testing and repair services able to provide the high quality services. For our customer in valve services,we provide witness test and demonstrate as well. Besides requirement ,Mirai valve services able to work with our customer fulfill their requirement passed all kind of audit.

Valve Testing & Solution Including Repair

Fastest immediately repair services ensure that your valves meet your required operating efficiency requirement .Likewise,repair service are including overhaul, upgrade, maintenance and testing. Nevertheless,we able to provide you the maximum benefit at minimum cost. In additional, our service technicians will check for potential problems and offer the best economical way to solve your valves.

Lastly,our valve services including repair is a very cost effective alternative to valve purchase. We have the facility and extensive experience in all areas of valve re-manufacturing. For any opportunity regarding valve testing or repair kindly drop us an email to for more information. Find out more